About the Alan Winter Group.

For more than thirty years, since 1976, Alan Winter has been helping owners grow their businesses.

In 2008, the Alan Winter Group was formed to offer business owners access to the talent, experience, insight, and resources of other professionals and business owners.

Our mission is simple—to provide business owners the resources to meet their personal goals.

Since "Growing your business" has different meanings for each of us, there can be no “cookie cutter” or “magic wand” solutions.  We employ comprehensive yet flexible methods that provide complete assessment, planning, measurement, and follow up to bring business goals to fruition.

Alan WinterOur approach allows you to determine for yourself, the specific tools and resources needed to take your business to that next level.

Our fees are flexible as well. You determine the value we bring to growing your business, and together we'll structure our compensation accordingly.

We want to help you grow your business.
Spend a few minutes with us and I think you'll see how.

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Alan Winter


Growing your business, the old fashioned way.

Business health assessments are a can't lose strategy.

Insightful articles from proven business leaders offer numerous solutions.



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