Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.

While these are just a few examples, and are not specific to a particular business or personal circumstance, they may help you keep focused on “what's important."

Okay…so my business is not fulfilling. Alan Winter Group provides comprehensive analysis tools and the solutions to drive your business forward.

In-depth discussions regarding your vision for the future of your business.
What are you doing to foster that vision?
We'll Provide a "business success" check list designed to enable your
future growth and profits.

Why can't I see the “Big Picture?” It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine of your business and loose sight of why you launched it in the first place. We’re here to help you keep it in focus.

Unfortunately, most business owners lose focus on the goal of moving
forward as they are so involved in the daily operation of their business,
“putting out fires “, or managing endless meetings.
We bring an independent and objective perspective to viewing your
business processes, management, employees, sales team and customers.
We will help in continually monitoring your ongoing business successes.

Do my customers really know what to expect? Honing your customers’ experience assures business longevity for everyone—truly a win…win?

This is the key to fulfilling your vision and insuring the growth and
success of your business.
Do you have a Customer Experience policy?
Is it a part of your philosophy and vision for your company's success?
How into it are all employees from the top down to the maintainence staff?
Have you communicated this to your customers? Asked for their feed-back?
How often do you personally visit your most profitable customers?

Will my business survive me? Insightful succession planning puts everything into perspective and engineers a smooth transition.

What happens to the business in the event of a natural disaster or some
other emergency that requires the business to cease operations?
Is there a formal succession plan in place in the event of a key manager's
or your own inability to manage the business?
Do you have an exit strategy in place for your retirement?

Damnit, this was supposed to be fun. A variety of activities can be incorporated into your business day to relieve stress and free you to focus on growth—we’ll show you how.

Do you make time for yourself each day, ie. working out, going out for a
non-business lunch, shutting off your phones and e-mails for an hour?
Do you spend quality time with your family on a routine basis?
How often do you take vacations without keeping in touch with your office?
Does your company sponsor employee recreational time, i.e. Picnics or
sporting events, encourage and reward healthy life styles, insist on
employees taking their vacations and holidays without worrying about
the stress of their jobs or their workload still waiting for them when they

We have the leadership, resources, and experience it takes to insure that important business milestones are in place, that growth is on track, and that the results will drive your profits “Long Term”.

Should any of these issues strike a familiar chord, we'd encourage you to call or email us today,

Alan Winter



Growing your business, the old fashioned way.

Business success assessments are a can't lose strategy.

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